Sugar World - Lost & Found CD

  • Sugar World - Lost & Found CD
  • Sugar World - Lost & Found CD

Sugar World - Lost & Found CD

Release Date : March 18th

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1. Sabbath Still
2. Paparazzi
3. Secret Light
4. Holiday
5. We Fell in Love
6. Lost Inside the Dream
7. A Real Hero
8. Time to Kill
9. Cruise
10. Penelope Fresh
11. B Who I Want 2 B

As you can probably see, Lost and Found’s cover features a picture of a rollercoaster. Maybe it’s a clue as to the experience contained within, with all the ups, downs, twists and turns that naturally come with the trip.

I’ll admit when I began checking out that track listing I wondered whether it was a covers album, but no, four cover versions, seven originals, so maybe it’s the songs that are ‘lost and found’?

Back to my laboured ‘wild ride’ analogy: Lost and Found begins with the irresistibly charming strum and sad sparkle of Sabbath Still, featuring some pretty damn wry lyrics, of which a sample,

“Rock and roll was just a joke/the punchline was the saddest thing you wrote…”

Then a wild hand-break turn into… Paparazzi, (yes that one), transformed into a satisfyingly chunky sardonic take on classic Mary Chain. Who knows maybe that was it’s real destiny all along?

the full review will be published soon
by - Simon Heavisides

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