A Sunday Records Compilation - Sold Out

  • A Sunday Records Compilation - Sold Out

A Sunday Records Compilation - Sold Out

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Disc 1 - "Songs About Our Past"
Disc 2 - "Sunny Sunday Smile"

Reissue of our out of print compilation CDs released in 1993 & 1996.
The 2019 edition includes different versions from The Proctors and a few songs not on the original release.

***** REVIEW *****

"Sunny Sunday Smile" CD ~
Twee-er than a three-day-old kitten!! More fey than a gently rolling pram!. Able to leap small trimmed hedges with the aid o a sturdy, attractively decorated stepstool! Is it Sarah Records? Is it Waaaah! Records? No--it's a compilation from Sunday Records, the indie-label equivalent of a nice warm cup of tea. Indie anorak pop in England hasn't been the same since word got out that Strawberry Story, The Fat Tulips and Confetti were all more or less the same three people. Fortunately, the American-based Sunday label has been putting out a flower-cart load of featherweight, jangling singles and albums by the bands that remind us why the English are so good at knitting things. Sunny Sunday Smile is a compilation of new material by a dozen Sunday bands, and as comfortable as cozy sweater all the way through. The highlights are unsurprising: two bitterness-tinged tracks by PO!, a couple of final songs from Young Marble Giants soundalike Confetti (including the terse, breezy kiss-off "Nothing II"), and They Go Boom!!'s lengthy, resigned "Hollow Heart". - CMJ

"Songs About Our Past" CD ~
Sunday Records is proud to give you this wonderful compilation that shows off the other side of the label. Tired of being pigeonholed as just a bunch of twee-pop bands (not that twee is necessarily a bad thing), the various artists on Sunday team together in an effort to roughen things up. No, they haven't thrown all caution to the wind and started making awful death-metal, but the guitars buzz, the drums pound out a solid beat, and great pop songs still rise to the surface. Anyone who knows Sunday well will not find this compilation too much of a surprise as Bulldozer Crash, The Proctors, Fruit, Mosaic Eyes, The Sweetest Ache, The Cudgels, Dolores Haze, and The Pristines all contribute tracks. Collected from older seven-inch records and unreleased tracks this is essential music. At times, things do stay on the gentler side of things, but other moments sound as though these indie-pop bands have just taken a short ride around the block on a Harley motorcycle. -E.Smith

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