Shelter - The Album 12" Vinyl

  • Shelter - The Album 12
  • Shelter - The Album 12
  • Shelter - The Album 12

Shelter - The Album 12" Vinyl

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Digital free download available from Bandcamp
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*** Also available in Japan now
The Stone Records - Shelter Vinyl

*** UK/Europe available 10/1
Pebble Records UK

1. Sugar World - We Fell In Love
2. Japanese Heart Software - For Another Day
3. Teen Idle - When Yr Gone
4. Kosmonaut - Silver Star (acoustic)
5. The Memory Fades - Listening To The Marychain (acoustic)
6. L I P S - Dreams I Outgrew
7. The Proctors - Only Stupid
8. The Arctic Flow - Goodbye Oceana
9. Fawns Of Love - Anarchy & Kisses
10. Day & Dream - Forest Fire
11. The Pristines - A Stupid Thought

Shelter from the Storm

Carefully selected by label boss Albert, Shelter was a two-part free download posted during the lockdown as a treat for fans, and now appears as Sunday's first vinyl in twenty years.

At a time when music offers a solace that's more welcome than ever, the good news is that this compilation succeeds on multiple levels.

Firstly it's a reminder of just how underrated Sunday Records is as a label, stretching back to 1990 Albert has had a great ear for classic indie-pop. But this is no mere nostalgia trip, featuring both classic Sunday bands such as The Proctors and Pristines, plus newer acts such as Arctic Flow and some very interesting off-label acts like Nah... and Kosmonaut.

Highlights are many: L I P S gloriously languid Dreams I Outgrew reaffirms their reputation as great hopes for the future. The gorgeous Slowdive-like, glide and shimmer of Japanese Heart Software (Nat Chippy from Melbourne band VIM) guitars flickering like burning embers, I could listen to this on repeat all day. More please, and soon.

Brooklyn's Day and Dreams offer the enveloping heat haze of Forest Fire, sultry guitars dipping in and out behind Abby Amaya's enveloping vocals, it's shoegaze with a 60s girl group undertow.

Sunday records and the bands and artists featured have created an ever more rare place where music triumphs over both commerce and the noise of the outside world and let's face it, don't we need that right now?

Shelter is a great celebration of an undervalued label, acknowledging the past but looking to the future.

Lie back and luxuriate.

- by Simon Heavisides

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