Sunny Sunday Smile Vol 2 CD

  • Sunny Sunday Smile Vol 2 CD

Sunny Sunday Smile Vol 2 CD

A Sunday Records Compilation

1 Insta - Leaving With So Little Said
2 Insta - Far
3 Minithin - When We Were Something
4 Minithin - The Next Life
5 The Cinematics - Disjointed
6 The Cinematics - Sylvia's Waiting
7 Class - Nothing Ever Works Out
8 Class - My Broken Heart
9 Class - It's Hard To Let Go
10 The Proctors - My Youth
11 The Proctors - Shooting Star
12 Honeyrider - Superstar Love Machine
13 Honeyrider - Radio Heatwave
14 Sugar Plant - Siesta
15 Sugar Plant - Moss On The Bedroom
16 Maylove - The Boy Next Door
17 Maylove - Don't Turn Me Back
18 Mrs. Kipling - Human After All
19 Mrs. Kipling - Mrs. Kipling
20 Tokidoki -Pointless
21 Tokidoki -Ira Robbins

Sunny Sunday Smile, Vol. 2 is a pop music lover's dream, offering 21 songs from ten certified gushy pop bands. The lineup includes Insta (formerly Kitten Factory), Minithin, The Cinematics, Class, The Proctors, Honyrider, Sugarplant, Maylove, Mrs. Kipling and Tokidoki. The only band I know well among these is Class. The three Class songs on SSS can be found elsewhere, but they're good, so this isn't bothersome to me. I like most everything here -- particularly The Cinematics, who reminds me of The Sundays, for whom I have a particular weakness. "Disjointed" is beautifully melodic and tenderly sung. The gushy strings in the middle are just the right thing. "Sylvia's Waiting" starts out a bit like Komeda but turns out to be more gentle and less quirky. I also like the Mrs. Kipling stuff. "Human After All" is just a touch punk and more than a touch happy pop. I hear a bit of Brent's T.V. or Sweet Baby here. It's positively infectious. Sunny Sunday Smile, Vol. 2 is a great little pop compilation -- and at only $8, everyone should have a copy - Splendid

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