Insta - Horn Rim Fury CD

  • Insta - Horn Rim Fury CD

Insta - Horn Rim Fury CD

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1 Sydney
2 Nitelite
3 Sparkle
4 Jazzed Up
5 A View From Space

"Insta creates the most sugary of '60s flavored pop by utilizing Catherine's airy, girlish vocals and the couple's plethora of vintage instruments.The music here is supremely melodic and sounds as if each track was crafted not with frenzied urgency, but with utter glee."

"Catherine is a stunning singer who Bacharch would have begged to have sung on his 60's hits while Adam's edgy and innovative arrangements make sure the music stays clear of saccharine excess. From the breezy opener "Sydney" to the more melancholic "Nite Lite and "Sparkle," this five song debut is nothing short of spectacular.

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