"Songs About Our Past" Vol 3 CD

"Songs About Our Past" Vol 3 CD

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Aberdeen - I Think I’m Falling
The Pristines - She’s Not My Friend
The Sweetest Ache - Dreaming
The Proctors - Wish My Days Away
The Proctors - Crystaline*
Mrs Kipling - Waiting*
Mrs Kipling - Take Me Back To Heaven
Fat Tulips - Reach For The Sky [Remix]*
Fat Tulips - On The 7th Day [Remix]*
The Melons - Strictly Melonhead
Red Sleeping Beauty - Don’t Say You Love Me
They Go Boom !! - River Island
Aberdeen - I Think I’m Falling [Instrumental]*

Limited edition Digipack.

In the early 90’s Sunday records out of the midwest (Rolling Meadows, IL to be exact) and seemed like an American version of Sarah Records. There were some duotone photos on the records and they even had some of the same bands but then label head Albert seemingly vanished…for nearly two decades. Well, he has reappeared as quickly as he vanished and has a few new releases. One being a new Red Sleeping Beauty EP that I reviewed a few weeks ago and here’s a few comps. The first one being Songs About Our Past Vol 3. Which was taken from the singles he released and includes fabulous cuts by the likes of Aberdeen (with “I Think I’m Falling”….there’s an instrumental version of the song tacked on to the end of the cd) plus two songs from Dagger favorites the Fat Tulips (“Reach for the Sky” and “On the 7th Day”…both remixes) and another Dagger favorite in They Go Boom!! with the terrific “River Island. There’s a few cuts by the low-key twee popsters Mrs Kipling plus the Pristines, the Sweetest Ache, The Proctors, The Melons and the prev. mentioned Red Sleeping Beauty. This sure is a nice way to return. - Dagger Zine

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