Teen Idle - Insomniac Dreams CDEP

  • Teen Idle -  Insomniac Dreams  CDEP

Teen Idle - Insomniac Dreams CDEP

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When you wake, you're still in a dream...

Before I'd heard a note of Insomniac Dreams, Teen Idle's debut mini album, I was already intrigued by Sara Abdelbarry's background notes and in particular one comment,

'What I've learned in the process of writing this, and it took me a long time to realise it, is that all the people who have treated me like shit have made me into a better and wiser person'.

It reads like the strapline for a debut novel, and as we should know by now, visceral feelings and naked honesty are always a good start as inspiration for music that really matters and actually deserves our time and attention.

Insomniac Dreams begins with a circling bass riff and a lyric that clues us into the territory ahead, 'you know it's hard to say goodbye...' In The Morning demonstrates Teen Idle's ability to let a song uncoil at a deceptively relaxed pace until it snaps back and you find you're hypnotised, welcome flickers of post punk guitar texture undercutting the dream pop soundscape.

Woozy sound affects herald Sometimes a song wielding it's ecstatic sadness with a stately dignity, massed guitars chiming towards the wordless conclusion.

Memories feels like the long painful walk away, when there are tears in your eyes but against the odds from somewhere you feel a determination to move on, the blazing guitar in the song's coda mixing with Sara's multi tracked vocals until the moment of epiphany is reached. This is how catharsis works...
Insomniac Dreams is a nuanced, subtle record that becomes more compelling with each encounter.

All you have to do is make the time to listen.
- by Simon Heavisides

1 In The Morning
2 Sometimes
3 The Haze
4 Dreaming
5 Love Is A Matchstick
6 Memories
7 Untitled

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